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33 Quotes about Missing Someone you Love

Yup... The past years gone, this has been so true and hard to try not to voice...actually. I try to forget u,it really hardest..I want move on but still stuck in that that normal?feel loving someone...

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25 reasons women make emotional decisions Quotes about Missing Someone |

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32 amazing, true and inspiring quotes

I really believe that when you think/dream about someone, they are thinking or dream about you. :)

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The Hunger Games, Divergent, Vampire Academy,The Mortal Instruments, The Host, Warm bodies, Ruby Red and Twilight.<<<Bella Swan doesn't deserve to be there with those amazing characters z.

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Divorce rates were rising and inequality was becoming more common. Fahrenheit 451 shows Montag ranting about women and his wife therefore being disrespectful toward them blaming them for divorce, abortion and bad parenting

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I miss you every minute of the day , when I'm not asleep .. that's about 19 hours a day .. lieve mooie soulmate ... ik mis je heel erg ... ;-((