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10 Uplifting Quotes About Finding Peace, Even In The Wake Of Tragedy

All of our problems stem from hate and anger and they can't be solved with more hate and anger, they need to be solved with love and compassion.


23 Quotes You Should Never Forget

What Nelson Mandela says about hate on race and religion is true. But on a smaller scale, I found hating anything is counter productive and it takes away my peace. When I was ego driven I have to admit. I hated certain politicians or shock jocks. Now I no longer hate them, I just don't vote or listen to them. I no longer hate or wish ill on anybody. You don't have to love them or agree with them, just don't hate them. Hating is a waste of valuable energy. cheers Paul Ianni

Agreed. So many people are disagreeing about faith, many ignore the gifts of the Spirit, and some misunderstand or refuse grace. Whatever denomination you are it's not about you it's about Jesus and what He did, let's never forget that kind of love.


BElieve THEir is GOOD in the World - Quote Printable - Pray for Paris - Quotes about Peace - Be the Good Printable Quotes - Faux Gold Foil


Worrying is Worship (Worship Series Part 13)

God speaks His word and asks will I trust Him. When He's the focus, worry subsides. When the problem is the focus, worrying persists. Don't worry about anything. Pray about everything. And His peace which surpasses all understanding will guard your heart and mind.