Work Ethic. Need to use this as my motto as I study for the CPA exam.

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Why work when you can whine and cry about how unfair their life has been. Our Founding Fathers were self-educated men and look what the built. Hard work sweat blood and tears are a thing of the past. Moral codes are lacking: There is a Aaron Tippin song that fits this situation: YOU'VE GOT TO STAND FOR SOMETHING.

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Hard work beats talent until hard work and talent come together. Then you become unstoppable

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•LEGACY• Be the student with the work ethic your teacher brags about for years. Be the employee that gets promoted fast and recognized often for incredible impact. Go to work! #NixYourLimits

We control the work ethic ... my friends you can listen to all that secret shit and all the motivational quotes all you want or u can go either way and complain and cry about how it's wrong or how it's suppose to be .... or .... you can address the most c

It's not about your title, it's about your work ethic - Be the rockstar that you know you are hack

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Too many people hinge their worth on external factors when they really need to look inward and extend value to others.

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