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ghandi rosebelle inspiration

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6 Week Emergency Makeover Program

This applies to almost every aspect of, fitness, kindness, charity, work, education....

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5 Sentences From Mahatma Gandhi Will Inspire You Immediately

Hands down favorite Gandhi quote. Will continue to re-pin every time it crosses my path! Not an atheist, not agnostic, not spiritual, don't align with any religious sect. This quote is my religion. Not Buddhism, not eastern philosophy... this quote! This quote is my religion.


Strength does not come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. - Gandhi | Eva made this with

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Wise Words from Gandhi

Wise Words from Gandhi: This man was so wise, we come back to his work often today in our busy hectic lives. Lessons we could have learned long ago and as time went on they left our memory and way of being. Be the change you seek. Your life is your message to the world. Our greatness is in being able to remake ourselves.