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English Spanish Motivational Poster - Picasso Quote - Inspiration Exists

Need some motivation for 2017? Motivate your class with this quote in Spanish & ENGLISH by Pablo Picasso. "La inspiracion existe pero tiene que encontrarte trabajando." Translates to: "Inspiration exists but it has top find you working." Print and frame.

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Noche de las Letras on

"Tutto il mondo sorride nella stessa lingua" - Acciòn Poética <<everyone smiles in the same language>>

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Spanish quotes "Como Puedes llamar a eso amor si lloras mas de lo que sonries" means in english: "How can you call that love if you cry more than you smile"

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This one is just for laughs XD haha hope you guys have a nice day :) Translation: Boy: What can I do to make you happy? Girl: Buy me some tacos.

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Quotes In Spanish,Yo,Better

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Nunca hubo más distancia entre nosotros como ahora. Perdona mis errores, yo trato de perdonar tus palabras. Te amo papá

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