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Quotes on allah

Sometimes you have no shoulder to cry on, but you always have a ground to put your head and shed your tears on.

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When you always rely on Allah, you will never be let down. Click the pin to follow me on Instagram for daily motivation, tips, recipes and more!

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Damon Hawkins on

I hand over my family & their health. I know You will provide the only the best for every circumstance. Please continue to guide all healthcare professionals which You have blessed this household with. I Thank You With All You Give Us Everyday...Amen

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YA ALLAH forgive me have mercy on me,i am not GOD,grant me jannatulfirdose and good end take an easy reckoning i beg you,save me from the hellfire torment of the grave and hashr azaab and every wrath ,i fear you and your wrath,ameen.

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Need to work on this..

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R. H. Sin: POET & BEST SELLING AUTHOR of "Whiskey, Words & a Shovel" vol. I & II. | B-Date: 22 Mar 1989 | BIRTHPLACE: New Brunswick, NJ | BEFORE FAME: His 1st book published was "Whiskey, Words & A Shovel" in 2015 | TRIVIA: He shares his poetry on his IG & has gained over 490,000 followers | FAMILY LIFE: He's lived in NYC, NY | ASSOCIATED W/: His book "Whiskey, Words and A Shovel" was on OPRAH'S book club list.

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