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R. Budd Dwyer. "He served as the 30th Treasurer of Pennsylvania from January 20, 1981, to January 22, 1987; on that day, Dwyer called a news conference in the Pennsylvania state capital of Harrisburg where he took his own life in front of the gathered reporters with a .357 caliber revolver.[5] Dwyer's suicide was also broadcast to a wide television audience across the state of Pennsylvania."


Photographs are a permanent, magical-seeming glimpse into a fleeting moment. They offer a peek into another time and place through the perspective of another pe

37 Haunting Photos Taken Just Before Tragedy Struck (Slide #1) - R. Budd Dwyer taking his own life on live TV

R. Budd Dwyer, then state treasurer, publicly shot himself after being convicted of charges similar to McCord's.


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Budd Dwyer