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The Symbol Of Racism In America Today

The Symbol Of Racism In America Today - Paperblog


White America would rather see this nation destroyed than give up white racism. The worst institution in America today is the white church. It has more hypocrisy per square inch than any other. ~ Rev.Samuel Williams ”

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Holtzclaw Trial: She Didn't Think Anyone Would Believe a Black Woman


Awkward, uncomfortable conversations about racism worth it (via USA Today) (16 February 2016) "Experts in racial justice describe the issues and emotions people confront when trying to talk about racism in America."


America don't let him stitch you up. Today November 8th is election day. Not everyday do we get given the chance to shape the future but today we do. You do. I dream of waking up to a future of broad horizons acceptance of people coming together and not being pushed apart. A world where Racism Sexism Homophobia and Xenophobia are words that live only in the pages of history books. C'mon America you got this! Good luck and no matter what your preference is GO VOTE! #election2016…

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Hillary Clinton, Today Is Your Moment to Talk About Racism in America

Hillary Clinton, Today Is Your Moment to Talk About Racism in America | The New Republic

As Jodi Kantor wrote in the New York Times today I (like millions of other women around the world) was looking forward to seeing "a resonant handoff in January with the first African-American president passing the baton to the first female one". Instead we're going to see a man who's allowed to denigrate women and mock disabled people and STILL be the President of the United States of America. I've had a look at the polls to get a better understanding of who voted for who I've seen…

End racism in America - NOW!

End racism in America - NOW!