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Out of the horse's can you argue with the creator of the confederate flag? The very fact that the south still flies this flag proudly is a sad reflection of racism in America. To say it isn't is just ignorance.

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The harsh reality of being a black child in America, told in a 10-part comic.

For black families, this tough conversation can be the difference between life or death.


mom on left Mom on right..


Black Women in the Media: Mammy, Jezebel, or Angry

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This quote emphasizes the fact that having a black man as president simply shed light on the issue of racism in this country.


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Written as a mockery of the anti-Irish prejudice that met impoverished Irish immigrants in America become an anthem for Irish in the U.S.


@Regrann from @njforberniesanders - Bernie Sanderss supporters have secured permits for four demonstrations near Julys Democratic National Convention according to a new report. The events will rally support for Sanderss message while Democrats select their presidential nominee in Philadelphia according toThe Wall Street Journal. Just another example of Bernie Sanders getting Americans to care about their rights and the Democratic Process again. A lot of people would not even care or have…

@Regrann from @njforberniesanders - Yes!!!!!!!!!! This is great news!!!! Our activism once again is changing the Democratic establishment!! Bernie Sanders supporters have changed so much already now it's time to fire Debbie. From article-- Democrats on Capitol Hill are discussing whether Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz should step down as Democratic National Committee (DNC) chairwoman before the partys national convention in July. Democrats backing likely presidential nominee Hillary…

Martin Luther King had a dream that we could all get along & not hate. We can continue to hope and pray this dream comes true in our life time.