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Radiator Cost

Smart Radiator Thermostat - Starter Kit︱tado°

Earring rack made from metal mesh used to make radiator covers! Two layers of rubber bumpers on the back to create space. I hung it on the side of my bookshelf via two over-the-door hooks that come in dollar-store hanging shoe bags. (Drilled two little holes in the top of the bookshelf -who cares- it's the top, no one can see!) I hung my post-earrings on cards and attached them with small S-hooks, and hung bracelets with bigger S-hooks. Cost: $16. Time, about an hour!


Lakeland Dry-Soon 3-Tier Heated Tower Airer Costing only pennies per hour, drying on our heated airer is cheaper than expensive tumble drying and better than muffling the heat from your radiators by laying clothes over them. Extremely versatile, just position the folding shelves to suit your needs: fold out to hang T-shirts, socks and smalls, lay delicate items flat to avoid stretching, or open only the top tier to hang sheets and big towels without them touching the floor.

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Handy Guide to Steam Radiator Air Vents and Air Valves

Your Handy Guide to Steam Radiator Air Vents: Steam radiators on a single-pipe system use air vents or valves to control steam filling of the radiator and to properly balance the system.

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Radiator Booster Mk3

Electricity rates are insanely high, so it makes perfect sense to do all that you can in order to keep costs down and efficiency up. Appliances and electronics