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Day Eight, A Song I Know All The Words To:: Always Gold – Radical Face. Of course I had to put this one in here somewhere! XD I have loved my sweet Radical Face for I think two years now and always come back to this song. The one I first heard in a Supernatural music video that introduced me to this artwork of a band. ✨

from Engineered Lifestyles

7 Proven Tips to Brighten Your Complexion

Regardless of skin type, one common goal we all have is a bright complexion. For some of us we need to work a little bit harder than others to have the bright, vibrant complexion we desire. Oily skin can leave your complexion looking dull, while dry skin can leave it looking flaky and less than desirable as well. All is not lost and there are proven ways you can brighten your skin safely... FULL ARTICLE…