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Tokujin Yoshioka."Rainbow Church" The installation consists of a 9-metre window made of 500 crystal prisms, which create rainbows within the space as the light is refracted.The Artist Use passing light to create focussed beam. envision seeing this from the ground level so you are experiencing the light and only seeing a little bit of the geometric shape.

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Casanovas Farmhouse

Secrect life of Water!“If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.

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Hundreds of Threads Create Rainbows

Irish installation artist Mark Garry. In many of his installations, he uses pins and beads to attach hundreds of tiny threads to the walls and floors of a space, creating very delicate installations that flow with the space and geometry of a room.


A group of people coming together in a state of presence generates a collective energy field of great intensity. It not only raises the degree of presence of each member of the group but also helps to free the collective human consciousness from its current state of mind dominance. This will make the state of presence increasingly more accessible to individuals ~ Eckhart Tolle\

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Lauren Hastings is Bohemian Chic for Wasteland's March Lookbook

Lauren Hastings is Bohemian Chic for Wastelands March Lookbook | Fashion Gone Rogue: The Latest in Editorials and Campaigns