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Rainbow uniforms around the world, inc pages to colour. By Guiding with Jewels Canada

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Houston Astros Uniform, Super 70s Sports (@Super70sSports) | Twitter

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College Football Helmets That Should Never Change

Hawaii Warriors

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Sparks in Other Countries Colouring

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The Rainbow Opal - Australia It is an opalised fossil formed as a result of an extraordinary set of natural forces, found uniquely in South Australia. Weighing 72.64 carats, it is a uniform, solid block of intense colour discovered in Coober Pedy in 2003. It is also extraordinarily rare – being an opalised fossil of a belemnite, an ancient squid-like creature over 100 million years old.

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#Johnlock I'd be there in a second

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Bjorn Bear designed by Elizabeth Hartman. Features #konacotton. Fat quarter friendly. Pattern available for purchase ( #konadesignerseries

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Amazing 'Fire Rainbow' Image Captured In South Florida

So-called "fire rainbows" are neither on fire nor are they rainbows, but they sure are stunning. They are technically known as iridescent clouds, a relatively rare phenomenon caused by clouds of water droplets of nearly uniform size, according to a release by NASA. These clouds diffract, or bend, light in a similar manner, which separates out light into different wavelengths, or colors.

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My Siblings have Tails Onesie Funny Bodysuit Baby Romper Black 0-3 Month Sod Uniforms

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Taste the rainbow CHEER bow by blingonthebowz on Etsy, $15.00

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