My all time favourite quote that encourages me and comforts me while I find my own truth and answers. Rainer Maria Rilke

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that each should stand guard over the solitude of the other // rainer maria rilke #favorite #love

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She would thrill to this quote. She's ready to tap into the core longings of her soul, and to be in a community with others who long for the same. | Rainer Maria Rilke

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First Poems by Rainer Maria Rilke | Wedding Readings |

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“... I want to unfold. I don’t want to stay folded anywhere, because where I am folded, there I am a lie. And I want my grasp of things to be true before you. I want to describe myself like a painting that I looked at closely for a long time, like a saying that I finally understood, like the pitcher I use every day, like the face of my mother, like a ship that carried me through the wildest storm of all.” - Rainer Maria Rilke

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"Let everything happen to you. Beauty and terror. Just keep going. No feeling is final" - Rainer Maria Rilke

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"Und manchmal bin ich wie der Baum, / der, reif und rauschend, über einem Grabe / den Traum erfüllt, den der vergangne Knabe / [um den sich seine warmen Wurzeln drängen] / verlor in Traurigkeiten und Gesängen." - Rainer Maria Rilke

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