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Rainforest Food web activity- you need yarn and the printable script available on this blog, and animal tags/ cards with animal names and clothespins. Great and fun activity


Amazon Rainforest Food Web Activity

Food Web: For this activity, one student starts with a ball of yarn, toss it to another student, and call out a component of the food chain in an ecosystem. Once everyone is holding onto the yard, the teacher will say that a certain tree got cut down and they will cut the string by that tree with scissors and see how "creatures" were affected by one small change. This is good to see how human interactions and natural events affect the environment.


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Food chain food web comparison


Temperate Forest Food Chain This is where I live! Animals from black bears to wild turkeys. Adaptability of the animals to survive winter season: Some stay active, some migrate or hibernate where others like insects lay eggs then die.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Food Webs Task Cards {with Editable Template}

One of my favorite activities for food webs. A hit with my students and a best seller on TPT. It comes with 24 cards, teacher instructions, student worksheet and answer key as well as an editable electronic template to customize your own questions. Student will be able to understand the anatomy of a food web as well as the importance of all the different members.

Have the students actually make a Holiday chain to glue their food chain to! Check out the awesome FREE Food Chain Display Template at Teachers Pay Teachers: