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from Spanish Playground

Spanish Rain Songs for Kids

Sing about the rain in Spanish with your bilingual kids. Includes a printable activity to use with the traditional Spanish song Que llueva.


Beautiful courtyard on the streets of Cordoba, Spain (by Kaptah). The hotel where I stayed had furniture next to open courtyards just like this, with nothing to protect it from the very occasional rain.


Cloud People of Peru. The figures' gazes are fixed where the first rays of the rising sun will appear over the vast Utcubamba Valley. Known as the Warriors of the Clouds, the Chachapoyas (a name given to them by the Inca who conquered them shortly before the arrival of the Spanish) were an ancient Andean people who inhabited the rain forests of northern Peru. Their civilization was decimated in the 18th century but they remain as a strain within general indigenous ethnicity in modern Peru.


Counting to Five in Spanish: Lluvia This interactive song helps students practice counting to five. While singing the song, children can use the tapping of their fingers to create a rainstorm!