i love ram skulls

Would love to get a ram's skull with the psychology symbol as a graduation tatt when I finish my degree with Massey University (who has a ram in the emblem)

Corsica Ram Skull

Design Toscano Corsican Ram Skull and Horns Wall Trophy: Features: -Wall trophy.

Graphics made with using rapidographs and black ink, markers, dry pastels. Thank you for watching.www.facebook.com/mikolajcielniakart

Graphics made with using rapidographs and black ink, markers, dry pastels…

Ram skull, dotwork human skull and death moth tattoo design

Tatto Ideas 2017 // Drawing / Tattoo / Ram skull / dotwork human skull / death // I n s p i r a t

searchtheowl:  Kiss-the-Anus-Of-A-Black-Cat—-Hewers-Of- (di jocastro68)  ram skull

searchtheowl: “ Kiss-the-Anus-Of-A-Black-Cat—-Hewers-Of- (di ” ram skull



I miss living in the country, where a simple walk in a pine forest always revealed treasures.

animal skull ref A ram's skull for the two small ram skulls on the front of the tower.

ram skull illustration tattoo back - Google Search

Ram Skull Tattoo - my totem-esque tattoo as a symbol of protection and representation of Dad the Aries.

Ram Skull - Plain

skulls or partial skulls are the design for their helmets. "Make no mistake, girls - this *is* war.