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Ranks In The Navy


Top 10 Military Specialty Schools in the United States

Top 10 Military Specialty Schools in the United States -


WW1 Women's Royal Naval Service uniform. Worn by Sybil W Aspinall, who joined the WRNS in 1918. She was Assistant Principal(again, women were not allowed to have navy ranks), and she worked in Admiralty House, London. She was awarded the British War Medal. The WRNS was formed in 1918. There were two branches, the Mobile, whose members could be sent anywhere in Britain, and the Immobile, who lived at home and worked locally. Only women who had a male relative in the Navy were eligible to…


Cook, c. 1799. Ships' cooks were usually disabled seamen but were ranked as warrant officers. This cook is wearing the typical cook's dress of the Royal Navy. The average sailor's diet each week was 1lb (450 g) of ship's biscuit, 4lbs (1.8 kg) of beef, 2lbs (907 g) of pork, 2lbs (907 g) of peas, 1.5lbs (680 g) of oatmeal, 6oz (170 g) of sugar and 6oz (170 g) of butter, and 12oz (340 g) of cheese a week. These provisions were often rotten after months at sea.


The fifth ARI full mission bridge simulator delivered to the Indian Navy – extends the Navy’s commitment to these sophisticated tools as it joins the ranks of ARI full mission simulators already installed in Kochi, Mumbai and Vizag.

My Tho Navy Docks, Vietnam, 1969. A tired Major Hertwick after a day of frolicking in the mud of the Mekong Delta. He was a German national who became a U.S. citizen. He moved to the officer ranks from the non-com ranks and he truly was a maverick and sharp as a tack. Major Hertwick was the first U.S.Army officer in charge of Dinh Tuong Province's PHOENIX Program after its handoff to the U.S.Army by the C.I.A. in 1968. His muddy boots give hint to how his day was spent. Photo by Lance Nix


Melongena corona evergladensis 55mm Blue Crown Conch cypraea conus, from a very small isolated population in Everglades City,FL. This shell from that location, ranks as one of the very best of the best. With navy blue band..a true rarity. $41.99 | eBay