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August 26, 2016 - Flocabulary

ᴘɪɴᴛᴇʀᴇsᴛ: @sadbutrad116


Get In Line: Twenty One Pilots Sell Out Seattle - Seattle Music News


Vídeo fantástico: um rolezinho pelo mundo da copa! Como brasileiros, dizemos: OBRIGADO RAP NEWS! Isto foi incrível! Circo e pão, um método de controle utilizado na Roma antiga, com um toque de mídia. The World Coup - THIEFA vs Brazil [RAP NEWS 26]

Dr. Dre (born Andre Young), American record producer, rapper, entrepreneur, actor, former member of the World Class Wreckin' Cru & N.W.A, and founder/CEO of Aftermath Ent. Previously the co-owner & artist of Death Row Records, he is credited as helping to popularize West Coast/G-funk rap music. Considered the greatest producer ever in rap music, he has won 6 Grammys, and his album The Chronic is considered a hip hop classic. He ranks #2 on the Forbe's Five (wealthiest hip-hop artist short…


In which Robert Foster investigates the memetics of The News. "THE NEWS" - feat Sage Francis [RAP NEWS 21]


VIDEO: The Singularity - feat. Ray Kurzweil & Alex Jones [RAP NEWS 28] Offers some poignant questions/remarks about our future...


BIG BROTHER IS WWWATCHING YOU! September 2012 rocks around with some crucial developments in the ongoing struggle over the future of the internet. Will it remain the one open frequency where humanity can bypass filters and barriers; or become the greatest spying machine ever imagined? The future is being decoded as we type.