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But "his policies are good even if I don't like the man! He's a wild card which is better than Hillary!" So in your mind Hilary is worse than a child rapist. Got it.

from NY Daily News

Indian women live in fear of violence as gang-rape of 23-year-old student on a bus sparks protests

I was just talking about this with my mother. We, sadly, live in a society that blames the victim. She let herself get too drunk. If she dresses like that she was "asking for it". It's her fault for walking alone at night in THAT neighborhood. It makes me sick as a person.


There is a gang of women in India known as the Gulabi Gang or the Pink vigilantes that go after abusive husbands and fight to stop child marriages. source 1 source 2

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Reset Addiction USA on

You no longer have a secret. You have a story. It may be addiction, it may be rape you hide.:* :*....CRIME WARNING Beware of fake Model Agencies, that offer women work often in foreign cities/countries, recently in Hong Kong, two Punjabi India men, Ravi/Ravinder Dahiya, failed garment company owner, about 45, tall, handsome, white hair, eyeglasses, and a male subordinate solicited on Lantau Island for a non-existent modelling agency.....#ravidahiya_hk ....

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46 People Told Us Why They Want, Need, And Deserve A More Feminist India

A great argument for why we all need feminism. "Because we tell our sons to have fun but our daughters to be safe."

from BuzzFeed

46 People Told Us Why They Want, Need, And Deserve A More Feminist India

This is my favorite one, because this saying irritates me to no end. It only gives males an excuse for bad behavior. Most of these apply to America as well.


This article is about the low status of women in India, which has to do with Chapter Two, Women’s Low Status and Power. The unequal power is especially present in India because of how Classical Hinduism divides society in castes of decreasing power. This allows for the people of higher status to rape lower status women and get away with it. Rapes are often not reported because of how society values a young woman’s virginity. Some parents discriminate against daughters by having them aborted.

TheBahamianPrincess♚ Abortion is actually destroying a child. Stfu if you don't know what you're talking about< Okay so riddle me this; When that mother is pressured into keeping her clump of cells (eventually to be child) and she gives birth, how will you help? When that child is starving will you supply food? When that child is sick will you give them medicine? When that child is homeless will you help them find shelter? When that child is dying will you care?