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Rappers That Died

Shia LaBeouf isn’t the only one coming for Lil Yachty. In his new track ‘Everybody Dies’, J. Cole says this about a certain type of rapper: “Especially the amateur eight-week rappers / Lil’ whatever, just another short bus rapper,” Cole raps. That immediately evoked Lil Yachty and Lil Uzi Vert. In particular Boat, since he …

Freddie E. – Age 22 Before Freddie killed himself with a shot to the head, he posted a cryptic ambiguous note on Twitter that read, “If there’s a God then He’s calling me back home. This barrel never felt so good next to my dome. It’s cold & I’d rather die than live alone.” If reports are to be believed, the Seattle rapper resorted to such drastic measures after a harrowing long-term relationship breakup.

Die Antwoord Confirm They Will Disband in 2017: 'Die Antwoord Dies on That Day'

My favorite is baeks face lmao he has that face that says wait till we get home, you wanna act like a bitch you gone die like a bitch


YEP!! Dude that actually happended to me lol i was watching thier lyrics video and then i was like ok so not a cute bunny!


Tyler and Josh's Dads. I'm dying laughing<< I'm 80% sure that they're trying to do an impression of Tyler and Josh