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This is Stella. She is 14 and loves to be outdoors, because she has a way to communicate with animals. Please adopt

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This is Missy. She is 13 and has nature power. She is shy, quiet, smart, and beautiful. Adopted by @Frozenfan2200

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Name: Rachel Age: 15 Loves shopping and pinteresting. Funny and popular at school. Please adopt. Adopted

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L'Oréal Feria Ombré Hair Color

This is Anna. She is 14. She loves animals and wants to be an animal activist when she is older.She has 3 other sisters called Michelle, Paige and Riley. Riley is also her younger by one min twin. PLEASE ADOPT *adopted by Michelle*

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Lisa is 16. She really wants a family for her birthday which is in a month. Plz adopt.ADOPTED

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I love this a lot. People have been saying Rapunzel can't be Annabeth because she isn't smart enough. This is just an edit. And Rapunzel is extremely smart for her time like how she charted the stars and painted them on her celing and she also had limited resources ,like having only 3-4 books

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NAME:CammieAge:13BIO:She comes from a place called HOLLYWOOD.She loves to act,sing,dance,and do jokes.She is hoping for a family with a camera,a karaoke macine ,a dance floor,andloves puns and jokes.Please adopt.

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