Rapunzel Birthday Decorations 3ft Wood Standees Adorabledecorations.com The perfect decoration for birthdays, rooms, front yards, parties, baby showers, graduations, birthdays, preschools, daycare, schools, etc. This is the perfect addition to your party or event! Hang it on a wall, put it on a stake in the garden or put it on a table top. Decorate a children's room, play room etc.

Illustration by Steph Dvoyak. The girl reminds me of a Rapunzel, brushing her hair in her beautiful #Victorian room, with the bone #China #tea set on the window, watching that #handsome guy selling some stuff to village people in the morning. #Cat, pigeons... reminds a little bit of Ghibli's towns. #characterdesign #character #concept #art #design #animation #dvoyak

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This beautiful little Rapunzel-inspired Princess Tower is easy to make with an old lemonade can and recycled oatmeal container!

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Unleash your inner artist! Channel Rapunzel's creativity, as you paint the golden sun on a flower pot, just as she did on the floor of her tower.

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This is lovely for a lil girl. I want boys so mine would have to be more prince-like.

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