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Tariq Bin Ziyad The Great Muslim Commander


It is by performing Salaah that a person secures Allah s.w.t.'s protection on earth. Abu Bakr R.A.


Emmaus Nicopolis (lit. City of Victory) was the Roman name for a city associated with the Emmaus of the New Testament, where Jesus is said to have appeared after his death and resurrection. In the modern age, the site was the location of the Palestinian Arab village of Imwas, near the Latrun junction, between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv, before its depopulation in 1967. Emmaus Nicopolis was the name of the city from the 3rd century CE until the conquest of Palestine by the forces of the Rashidun…


The Rashidun Caliphate (Arabic: الخلافة الراشدية‎ al-khilafat ar-Rāshidīyah), comprising the first four caliphs in Islam's history, was founded after Muhammad's death in 632, Year 10 A.H.. At its height, the Caliphate extended from the Arabian Peninsula, to the Levant, Caucasus and North Africa in the west, to the Iranian highlands and Central Asia in the east. It was the largest empire in history up until that time.[1] It is also known as the Patriarchal Caliphate.