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Moo the Rat Terrier at 6 months old.

Rat Terriers! Crazy, hyper, barks at everything, may be aggressive . . . (ok, at least the rat terriers I've had, supposedly they are supposed to be more "mellow" terriers according to some sources) but SO FREAKING CUTE!! My first dog, Ginger, was a "smooth fox terrier" from a local Iowa farm and she looked nothing like the AKC standard of a fox terrier, smooth or otherwise. She did look like a rat terrier though. So I have a definite weakness for ratties or rat terrier type dogs!

The best dog breed I have ever owned. So smart, loyal, caring and just an amazing & fun personality! The Rat Terrier

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My Rat Terrier - The Best Breed in The World!

Great article about Rat Terriers! "My Rat Terrier - The Best Breed in The World!"

This is not my dog. But it could be! My first rat terrier, Wendell, passed away in 2009. Our new girl, Moochie, joined the family in January.