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Payoff Mortgage Early Or Invest - The Complete Guide

Should I payoff my mortgage early or invest? This issue is far more complex than most writers understand. Here is the definitive guide...


Gorgeous bi-colored Elbaite crystal! "This was carefully chosen due to it's incredible glassiness and deep coloration and it also features a perfect termination. The pinkish-red is a hot pink color and is not pale at all. The green is also deep and intense. I would rate this as one of the deepest colored crystals at the show and the luster that rolls up and down the striated surfaces is dazzling. Measures 6.5 cm by 3 cm by 2.3 cm in total size.


Hey Hey it is Back and Bicep Day!  Today is Day 16 and we are going to be hammering our backs, biceps and working in some abs.  We are here to WORK, and work is what we are going to do.  I want you to try and do one warm up set for each exercise,...Read More »


"Beautiful 1913 Scripps-Booth Bi-Autogo. A 3,200-lb. motorcycle with training wheels that lower at slow speeds for stability, a V8 engine and enough copper tubing to provide every hillbilly in the Ozarks with a still. The Bi-Autogo does enjoy the historical distinction of being the first V8-powered vehicle ever built in Detroit." via BoingBoing


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