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There’s no secret about what specifically Ryan has in mind. He intends to replace traditional Medicare. Seniors would get a federal voucher to help them pay premiums charged by commercial insurance plans. But since the value of the vouchers would rise at less than the rate of healthcare inflation, and the costs of private insurance typically rise faster than those of Medicare, an ever-larger share of healthcare costs would land on seniors’ shoulders......LA TIMES


JOHN BEAUFORT of GAUNT "Duke of Aquitaine, 1st Duke of Lancaster, King of Castile" Plantagenet 1340-1399 . Son of King Edward III and Philippa of Hainault. His wife was Catherine Swynford Princess and Duchess of Lancaster Roet. John was not only one of the richest men in his era, but also one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived. Taking into account inflation rates, John was worth a modern equivalent of $110 billion, making him the sixteenth richest man in history.


Comparing the inflated cost of living today from 1938 to 2013: How the US Dollar has lost incredible purchasing power since 1938.


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1957 I was 11 years old when the prices looked like this--notice the eggs--wow they must have been hard to get then guess we all just raised our own chickens and gathered our wonder what the gas mileage in those days was with the BIG CARS


Risk Setting Withdrawal Rates During Retirement: Are We Being Too Conservative? How much can one afford in retirement? It is the holy grail of retirement planning and has been through multiples evolutions over the last few decades. Why? In short, we are trying to give a solution today based on uncertainty about the future. What are returns going to be like in the future, or the rate of inflation, or an investor’s life span? All of these variables affect the solution that we advise on in the…