See what happens if you eat a spoonful of raw garlic with honey on an empty stomach for 1 week.

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5 Raw Garlic Benefits for Reversing Disease - Dr. Axe

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eating raw garlic- a super effective home remedy when you feel that cold coming on. #supernutrition

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Honey and Garlic, A Powerful Natural Remedy WHY SHOULD YOU TRY HONEY INFUSED GARLIC? Garlic benefits you the most as a raw food, not as a supplement. Even if you love garlic, it’s almost impossible to consume enough raw garlic. By combining the honey and garlic, the intensity of the garlic flavor mellows, making it more tolerable to eat raw garlic in high quantities. The honey is also loaded with health benefits and the two together can keep your immune system operating at its best....

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This infographic reveals some surprising facts about garlic |  #survivallife

This infographic reveals some surprising facts about garlic | #survivallife

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Method – 1: (Garlic) This is an easy and most effective way of using garlic for treating sore throat. Consuming raw garlic clove will release a chemical called allicin that fights against the bacteria or other germs causing soreness in throat.

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