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Amour (2012)

Amour (2012) | Morning Movie | Thursday, Aug 29 10:00 am | Wheatfield Library | All interested adults are invited. Winner of the 2013 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film. | PG-13 127 min


William Orpen, Sunlight, c. 1925. National Gallery of Ireland. There's a real, twitchy, palpably painful anxiety underneath even the dullest of Orpen's paintings - and absolutely raw nerves apparent in his better ones. It is a shame, for this reason amongst too many others, that Orpen was allowed to fall out of the canon of modern painters, since there’s a quickness of consciousness in much of his work far more striking than in the apparently more ....


The Goliad Massacre, the darkest day in Texas history, took place here on Palm Sunday, March 27, 1836, when Col. James Fannin and 352 men under his command were executed under orders of the Mexican dictator General Santa Anna. There was twice as much loss of life here at Goliad than at the Alamo. Nothing had touched the raw nerve of the American character as did the news of the large number of men who were slaughtered execution style after willfully surrendering.


Hawaiian-style Salmon Poke. This looks awesome, though I haven't enough nerve yet to try my own sushi-grade fish.

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15 People Describe What It Feels Like to Have Multiple Sclerosis

"Ever seen an electrician strip a wire? That's what my immune system is doing to my entire nervous system, only it won't stop there. It'll get greedy and go for the raw nerves. This includes my brain, spinal cord and optic nerve, along with every nerve in my body. If this happens to a wire, conductivity is interrupted, lessened or lost, and it's no different in the body. But unlike electrical work, with standards, MS is random and no two cases are alike."