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Slew - RC Time Constant Slew Limiter Tile

PulpLogic 1U Tile slew limiter. This Tile slews the input signal according to the pot setting, and sends it to the output. On the rear of the unit is a dip switch which sets the slew range from very slow to very fast (see picture). Specifications: Width: 6 HP / 1 Tile Unit Depth: 20mm (0.79") Power cable: Tile Tail (3-pin) Power +12V: 10mA Power -12V: 10mA 1U Tile Info:

RC Time constant/voltage calculator

Time Constant This feature is a RC Time Constant (Resistor and Capacitor Time Constant). This will calculate the time of charge in capacitor, voltage rate in every each time constant, and percentage of voltage in every each in 5 time constant and will show the graph and the graph will response accordingly to the output result of time constant.

555 Timer Circuits - Flashing LED - RC Time Constant


BLDC motor is used and the speed of the motor can be controlled by using an RC time constant by changing the resistance using a preset which is adjustable.


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