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[12.03] I thought this was so cute to throw in and I love how Dean got so excited that he was like his mom (,: . QOTD: if your parents were supernatural characters- based on your personality, who would your parents be? . Aotd: probably sam and charlie . . . If you haven't already, be sure to click the link in my bio and download Showgo! The app is an interactive way for the spnfamily worldwide to watch, react, and share with other fans! I use the app every week with my followers and…


"do you ever tell someone something and they don't react the way you wanted them to react and you immediately regret ever opening your mouth "

from Designbeep

Mobile App Design Inspiration – Peek Calendar

TMC is different to other specialised media because we are not focus only in the final result. Beyond the principles of every project, our main intention is to show the story and design / manufacturing process that normally is hidden behind the scenes.


“Kick against” means “to react against someone”. Example: When your kids start kicking against your authority, try to remember what it was like when you did the same. Get our apps for learning English: