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Children's Books that Encourage Kindness

Thoughtful Children’s Books about Kindness

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Tattling Troubles: Fostering Kindness in the Classroom

Do you have tattling troubles? No matter how many ways I have tried to cut down on tattling it always seems to creep it's way back into my classroom. This year is no different. I have decided to take a different approach this week and focus on KINDNESS. Kindness is the key!

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Growth Mindset: The Power of Yet

Encourage students to realize the power of growth mindset and the word 'yet' with this read aloud and free graphic organizer.

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Guided Reading: Tips and Tricks

Guided reading time is so precious! Make the best use of those minutes. 10 Tips…

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Two sisters. Only one is telling the truth. When Clare Tennison is reunited with her long lost sister, Alice, not everything is as it seems and soon she's forced to question if blood really is thicker than water.

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The Pledge of Kindness

Do this every morning with your students to practice reading aloud, fluency and the important of kindness towards others.

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10 Books that Teach Kids Kindness

10 Books that Teach Kids Kindness - I read these books to my preschoolers and toddlers and they loved them!

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Top 10 Children's Books about Being Kind to Others

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