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The fact that that's Lin-Manuel Miranda makes this 1804 times better

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Haha it's more that those kids aren't ready for McGonagall! I just know Harry and Ginny would've warned the kids not to cross her

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Yep. Absolutely.. although your words were very sweet once in a great while, except when you were calling me nasty, vile names.... Your actions completely destroyed what i felt for you. You said MY actions didn't match my words???? Ha-ha... Think you need to look in the mirror......No, you know what?? Your words sucked too. You're a monster. Through and through...

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Getting ready for a first date - Expectation vs Reality -

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Today and The Past {Social Studies for Kindergarten} Picture Sort Worksheet

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Our government has been CORRUPT from the time Kennedy was SHOT......THE CIA SHOT HIM!! A weak before he died he warned us about

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Saddest scene ever part 1 Star vs the forces of evil

Saddest scene ever part 1 Star vs the forces of evil

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