17 Movie Superheroes Who Are Even Bigger Heroes In Real Life

Captain America may have jumped on a fake grenade to save his fellow soldiers in training, but in real life Lance Corporal William Kyle Kennedy actually did this… only the grenade was real. On November 21, 2010 while in Afghanistan, a grenade was thrown into his sandbagged position. Rather than run, Carpenter used his own body to shield the other soldier with him from the blast. Miraculously, though severely injured, Kennedy lived and was awarded the Medal of Honor in June of 2014.

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HARRIET TUBMAN. One of my heroes. Harsh reminder of real life for her. Love it tho that she "looks harmless" but packs a pistol.

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We salute and tip our hats to real life heroes, never fogotten~ The explosion of the "challenger" space shuttle had everyone devastated, to say the least

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Artist David Trumble puts Disney princess filter on real-life female role models
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