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The Real Annabelle Doll, Connecticut - In 1970, a woman shopping in a thrift store bought a Raggedy-Ann doll for her daughter; soon, she and her roommate were being terrified by paranormal events; at their wit’s end, they contacted psychic investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, who found that the doll was possessed by a demon; the girls gave Annabelle to the Warrens, who encased it in a glass display cabinet in their Occult Museum, where she still moves about occasionally...

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19 Paranormal Encounters That Will Make You Think Nope!

Has there ever been a time that you truly believe you've encountered something paranormal? Here are 19 real paranormal encounters that will make you nope!

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Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School

Real Ghost Pictures: The Lost Little Boy In The Old Elementary School - Paranormal 360

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Are ghosts real? Are there haunted places or people? the world's only professional paranormal investigator examines the evidence.

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The Ghost Of A Dead Boy Haunts This California Hiking Trail

The Dry Creek Running Trail is quite popular, but not necessarily for its scenic views or level of difficulty. Many routine joggers use it (or avoid it) because they believe it to be haunted. Some say the spirit of a teenage boy lingers on this trail

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Curses - are they a series of deadly coincidences, examples of real, paranormal activity, or are they just a bunch of statistical anomalies with a rational e...

You bring about what you think about...if you aren't getting the results you want, change your thoughts...and that will change your actions.

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Murmur. "In human form he teaches Philosophy in a harsh grating voice, and can oblige the souls of the deceased to appear before the conjurer to answer every desired question." Read more here:

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