Really good riddle, Can you solve this?

The person who gets it right gets a shout out and a follow :). Good luck everybody! @meganmadderra I think I got this blue chocolate ⚽️sporty fruit music water jeans flats nails funny So @meganmadderra Did I get it right?

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This is amazing I did it then I was grinning like an idiot thinking really Raqi really

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Some Very Small Epiphanies That Will Change Your Outlook On Everyday Life...
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Try really hard not to look at the answers before you come up with your own, as tempting as it is.

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I made these after picking apples with my family last fall...they freeze well and are REALLY GOOD! Crumb-Topped Apple Pie To Bake Now Or Freeze For Later

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Oh my gosh guys it took me a million times to finally see it! I really don't have bad eyes...I actually have really good eyes , I think I was just doing it wrong the entire time!lol

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These Hard Riddles are Really Good Brain Teasers, Try Them

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