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from Edutopia

Recent Polls: Do Educators Support the Common Core?

Anne O'Brien has found that in recent polls, the majority of educators support the Common Core, but have some concerns about implementation. Read about the surveys and share your thoughts here.


GOP - BOY did they break their brand! Breaking News: Recent polls suggest the majority of Americans consider being called “Republican” insulting. 87% of Americans consider the word “Republican” to be synonymous with greed, racism, and violence. Ouch -- but true.

from Live Science

Americans' Beliefs in Paranormal Phenomena (Infographic)

Paranormal beliefs are common among Americans, according to recent polls. Today's GoFigure infographic breaks down the stats.


Groundbreaking news we already knew! Turtle McConnell admits the Koch bros own the GOP! - VIDEO -

Cheryl Cole--A huge 90 percent of people find those who wear glasses to be attractive according to a recent pool by Henley’s Eyewear, with Johnny Depp and Cheryl Cole topping the polls of the most attractive celebrities who wear glasses.


In general-election match-up polls, Sanders really and authentically IS the more electable of the two Democrats to become the U.S. President against all Republican contenders. Here's the numbers.


BRAVO! Recent Polls Hold Good News for Bernie Sanders - "Hillary Clinton may have won the Nevada caucus, but recent polls show Bernie Sanders ahead in several key areas. First, a new nation poll from Reuters shows Sanders ahead of Clinton by 6 points. Senator Sanders currently hods 41.7 precent of Democratic voters, with Clinton holding 35.5 percent. 22.9 percent of the voters polled said that they wouldn’t vote."


Recent Polls shows that Hillary Clinton leads over Trump in many polls. November 8 is knocking at the door in the United States of America.

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Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Des Moines

Republican Presidential Candidate Donald Trump speaks at a town hall style campaign rally at the Varied Industries Building at Iowa State Fair Grounds on December 11, 2015 in Des Moines, Iowa. Recent polls continue to show Trump holding a lead in the race for the Republican nomination for President. (Photo by Steve Pope/Getty Images