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Recent Supreme Court Decisions

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Recent Supreme Court decisions have major implications for public safety professionals -- First responders live in a world measured by split seconds. Deciding whether an action or inaction is appropriate during an emergency can have drastic and immediate consequences. But just as the difference between life and death in these moments may turn on the proverbial dime, so too can the legal fabric of society change in an instant, rendering once-acceptable practices now constitutional violations.

April 25, 2014 The court rules that the Harper government cannot use Parliament alone to impose Senate term limits, allow consultative elections for senatorial candidates or abolish the upper chamber. The justices hold that the first two changes would need the consent of seven provinces representing half the provinces. Abolition would require provincial unanimity.


Impact Of Supreme Court Decisions

5 Recent Supreme Court Decisions And What They Mean For You

Access to the Free Law Reporter which publishes every recent appellate and supreme court decision from each state to federal court. Court Opinions from selected US Appellate, district, and bankruptcy court. Access to law libraries, blogs, atty, forms, research guides, dictionaries, etc.


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Has civility returned to Washington, D.C.? Without the usual party bickering, the US Senate has voted to move forward with an amendment to overturn two recent Supreme Court decisions on campaign spending, However, this is the first step in a long legislative process that will most likely fail when the measure arrives in the House. What will you do to stand up for Democracy today?