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Learn why fermented foods can help boost your mood, plus recipes for three easy homemade fermented pickles - green tomato, spicy dill and jalapeno relish!

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Three-Ingredient S'mores Cups

This recipe for three-ingredient S'mores Cups are an easy chocolate candy just perfect for holiday dessert trays or gift giving!

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This Recipe For Three-Cheese Chicken Roll-Ups Will Slay Your Dreams

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Spinach and Three Cheese Manicotti

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Vinegar Based BBQ Sauce

Understanding the different styles of barbecue and styles of BBQ sauces from each region. Recipe for vinegar and mustard based BBQ sauce.

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Crockpot recipes for $20 a week. :We spent $212 on our groceries, and I am estimating that these meals will last us around 10 weeks. So, roughly $21.50/week. Each bag will last us for three lunches and three dinners. In other words, each helping is costing around $3.75. CHEAP!!!

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21 Quick 3-Ingredient Breakfast Recipes

Looking for a quick and tasty breakfast recipe you can whip up in no time? We’re talking meals that require a maximum of three healthy ingredients, so you can get out the door and kick start your day. Get the recipes here:

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Three simple smoothie bowl recipes for you to try. Strawberry Banana, Blackberry kiwi and Orange Mango smoothie bowls.

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The Soups That Magically Make You Lose

LOW CALORIE AND HEALTHY SOUP RECIPES: Want to know how Kelly Osbourne lost almost 70 pounds and kept it off? No starving, just healthy eating. Three words: Pass the spoon! Click through for these easy and healthy soup recipes including Butternut Squash soup, Bean and Spinach soup, and Spicy Country-Vegetable soup.

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