This easy lemon cream turnover recipe uses only 6 ingredients, making them a quick and easy breakfast, snack, or dessert!

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Lemon Curd Cookies - Check! Except I used, gluten free flour, oil instead of butter, a bit of ginger powder, vanilla and almond extract. I also eyeballed ingredients and lessened the amount of sugar! Still absolutely decadent!

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Using a prepared lemon curd makes baking tangy, fruity lemon bars so easy you can whip up a batch anytime. Coconut and almonds add extra richness and texture.

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Lemon Curd Mousse Cake - Bon Appétit Want to use ginger snap crust, find an airier - yet still stable - mousse

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Lemon Crumble Bars. Sweet, tart lemon filling with buttery crumbles. Perfect springtime dessert

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Lemon Hand Pies: flaky hand pies with a sweet lemon filling! Don't forget the dusting of powdered sugar on top!

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'Jam Tarts' have been around forever but any historical reference to jam tarts appears at the same time sugar was available for jam making (honey, though sweet is no good for making jam) and as sugar in any form was costly, the humble jam tart had quite a status symbol. The tarts no longer carry such celebrity, and has been out of fashion for quite some time but is making a come back. A jam tart recipe is just so easy just a little pasty and jam or, for lemon tarts, using lemon curd.

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When my niece gave me lemons picked from her lemon tree in Arizona, I knew I would make lemon curd and lemon curd ice cream. Who car...

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Nigella's pavlova uses lemon curd as an easy topping that also balances the super-sweet meringue wonderfully

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