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Reciprocal Teaching Freebie from Teacher Inspired Adapted from the work of Lori Oczkus author of Reciprocal Teaching at Work. ( IRA, 2010)


These reciprocal teaching cards are how I learned to effectively use this strategy with my students during guided reading. After a lot of trial and error, I created these to meet my needs, and they work fabulously with my readers. With guiding prompts to help students learn to clarify, summarize, question, and predict, these cards have made a big impact on my reading instruction.


Reciprocal Teaching Anchor Charts...aka "The Fab Four" I did RT in college, but haven't used it in real life... might have to look at it again!

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Reciprocal Teaching Strategy

Use this Reciprocal Teaching Center during your reading block to increase comprehension and collaboration. This packet is designed to guide reading instruction using the method “reciprocal teaching”. Reciprocal teaching uses four main strategies to help students comprehend text: predicting, questioning, clarifying, and summarizing. Once the students know how to use these four comprehension skills, they should be able to do them automatically while reading all different texts.

from Leanne Gwilliam

Reciprocal Reading Group Cards for Guided Reading

reciprocal teaching After teaching reading for many years and trying to teach children good skills to analyse and understand the text, I was delighted to find the specific strategies of Reciprocal Teaching. Obviously,...