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You must learn that the intensity of your love is irrelevant if it is not reciprocated. Love must flow in both directions for it to be worth chasing, otherwise you are only running towards a tsunami of your own making. - Samuel Decker Thompson | #LessoninProgress

6 Only through the power of love can we reach our highest potential. True love is unconditional and doesn't change based on other people's actions. Most people hold back from completely loving their partner because they are afraid to give someone all their heart and not have that love reciprocated. Holding back from your greatest love does not protect you from pain. This type of behavior creates an illusion of control but the reality is the person is living and loving…


I really like how it’s timid, chubby Mylene that Ivan loves. They basically have the first reciprocated crushes in the class and it just makes me happy that the creators did that.


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Not conservative and yes I know that my interests seem strange and unconventional to most. This is all reciprocated though; I think ‘most’ are kind of weird too. シ