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Recognizing absurdities

Gemini makeup! Zodiac Halloween makeup. Recognized by her contradictory nature, her mind is always alternating between logic and absurdity. She's a combination of high intelligence, wit, and eloquence. Forever battling mystical forces of left and right; she'll mirror your best and worst parts and show you things you never knew you needed to see. ♊️ #GEMINI #halloween #makeup #zodiac

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heart 309 ◾Find the humor. If you’re recognize the absurdity of a bullying situation, and to comment on it with humor, you’ll less likely to be a target ◾Don’t try to control the uncontrollable ... focus on the things you can control such as the way you choose to react to bullies. **** Affirmation: I refuse to give icky people the power over my life.

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Narcissists. Another way that the narcissist's ego get special attention, is through the role of being a victim. Welcome to the victimized, extreme narcissist. Most persons recognize ego as arrogance. At the same time, they fail to see the subtle deception of ego, when it takes the role of being a victim. As kind and compassion-driven human beings, we easily are fooled by this form of extreme ego. We are constantly hearing the voices of the needy, in the media, through a variety of forms…

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The Border Collie ranks at the top of the list as far as being one of the most intelligent of the dog breeds. Originating from the area between Scotland and England the breed was sometimes called the Scottish Sheep Dog, until it was recognized as a separate breed in the last part of the 1800s. I WANT A DOG. My other favorite.

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Voltaire. It's said he is an ENTP Personality type like me. I recognize a core about myself in his words.

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A Minimalist Parent’s Guide to the Holiday Gift Overload

I love this post about minimalism because it recognizes that asking overly generous grandparents to “just donate to a good cause” is absurd. Plus, it provides more helpful responses.

Recognizing & Correcting Absurdities in Sentences.Say what is wrong with the 26 pairs of identical illustrations and sentences. Help increase expressive and r

Transportation Expanding Utterances

Speech Time Fun: Have fun working on expanding utterance length with this fun transportation themed activity. This activity can also be used to work on verb tenses, answering WH questions, recognizing absurdities, and so much more!

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