I think I've just died and gone to heaven: Very beautiful mid century record player console

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Finally, I have found a bit of time to introduce a new line of stereo and record player consoles that I have been thinking about for over a year. Having grown up in the 70s I have some great memories of LP records and I thinks its simply awesome how they continue to stand the test of time! This particular console was a custom build for a buyer here on Etsy. I definitely enjoyed building it and am so happy with the results that I am going to make this design a regular part of my catalog…

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What can I use to move a small wood rod 90 degrees on power on? Check out the full project Not sure how I could have worded that to not come off as an innuendo. So I have this record player console with lid that when the system is powered on I don't want the lid to be able to fully close. So the solution I am considering is that when there is power running through the system a rod moves from a resting/away positing into a vertical position when prevents the lid from fully closing as the lid…

Console stereo with 8 track, record player and radio!

This is a vintage 1964 G.E. Solid State Console Stereo with a transistor (tubeless) Amplifier in an all wood console.

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This stereo console made by the German company Kuba is too good for words. The styling is amazing. This “Tango” console was made sometime between 1959 – 1962. Another great Kuba c…

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Ryan & Stephanie's Light-Filled Wicker Park Apartment awesome apt with space for work/music

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