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Recovering from a Stroke – Preventing It From Happening Again


The benefits of learning another language aren’t limited to just getting by in another tongue. They may also extend to a host of hidden cognitive benefits that could protect your brain in the case of a serious health episode such as a stroke or...

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Being bilingual could double your chances of recovering from a stroke

Speaking two languages could help protect the brain in the event of a stroke. From Quartz


We help people to recover from a stroke and offer them several treatment methods at our hospital.


This website is about language barriers that people may encounter over their lifetime and how it is important to react in the right way to the barrier. This pertains to class this week because we learned about language. This pertains to my group because language barriers may be brought on by mental illness and it is important for a nurse to act properly around someone with a language barrier as well as do their best to understand them.

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Stroke Recovery: Rehabilitation & Motivation


The Steps to Take When Recovering from a Stroke

The Steps to take when Recovering from a Stroke