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Timeline of RPO (Recovery Point Objective) of how much data/time needs to be restored vs. RTO (Recovery Time Objective) downtime before full restore

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Home Alone – Monitoring Teen Screen Time in School Holidays – Parental Control

Home Alone - Monitoring Teen Screen Time in School Holidays - Parental Control

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Two key factors in understanding data recovery: 1.Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) 2.Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) RTO describes how rapidly your business needs to be able to recover after losing data and can be measured in hours or days. Where as RPO describes the amount of data lost measured in hours.

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Download: Disaster Recovery Write a two to four (2-4) page paper in which you: 1.Explain how the attacks affected risk management in organizations and have prompted an increased justification for recovery-based objectives, initiatives, and expenditures. 2.Analyze the use of social media and other current methods of communication for emergency notifications during an incident or disaster situation. 3.Determine whether or not organizations…