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TreeSmart has been making rolled-up recycled newspaper pencils since 1998. TreeSmart begins with recycling newspapers and assembles all parts in the United States. All custom imprinting is produced in our U.S. factory as well.


Making pots for seedlings is a great way to recycle newspaper and save money gardening. These recycled newspaper pots are relatively easy to make and make transplanting seedling to the garden very easy. Making pots this ways removes the need for any tape, glue, string, or staples and results in a sturdy recycled newspaper pot. Also check out:

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How to Make Sturdy Recycled Newspaper Pots

Being that your reception wedding is at the Botanical Gardens... "thank you" wedding favors . "like this plant, our love started small and will continue to grow .." or "like love, the most worthwhile things in life take time, dedication and nurturing."