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(Red Hots boxes). The Ferrera Pan Candy Company, Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 1896 by Salvatore Ferrara. They started making Red Hots in the 1930's.

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Hot Apple Cider

Hot Apple Cider-Hot Apple Cider: made with apple juice and red hots candy.1/2 gallon Apple Juice (only use 100% juice) &1/3 cup red hots candy. In a large stock pot, add juice and red hots and cook over medium heat, stirring occasionally until all red hots melt. Reduce to low and simmer for serving. Add cinnamon sticks or oranges for garnish, if desired.

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Steps for making Cinnamon Candy Popcorn using red hots ~ DIY beautify blog

Cinnamon Candy Popcorn

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Candy Apple Pie

This luscious Red Hots candy apple pie tastes like an old fashioned candy apple wrapped in buttery pastry with every bite you take. Spicy, sweet, and a gorgeous color makes this pie special.

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Nutter Butter Santa Cookies: 1 Package of Nutter Butter Cookies, 1 Pound of Meltable White Chocolate, Red Sugar, White Chocolate Chips, Red Hots Candy, and Mini Chocolate Chips

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Red Hot Jello

An old, retro, simple favorite..."RED HOT" JELLO (I use lemon jello). And I love the texture of this so much, I actually add applesauce to ALL of my jello's sooo much yummier!

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Pink Cinnamon Applesauce - made with Red Hots cinnamon candies. - YUM! Our neighbor made homemade applesauce with red hots and it's wonderful! ~Lisa

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Red Hot popcorn... I really do not need to have this information. Someone please,remove it from my memory.

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One Perfect Bite: Red Hot Cinnamon Apple Cider - Pink Saturday. A fella at the gallery brought this cider that is wife made. YUM! It was really good. she said she used 1/2 bag cinnamon candy from Walmart per gallon container of cider.

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Cinnamon Candy Popcorn

Red Hot Popcorn...My friend Liz makes this. It is so addicting! great for Christmas and Valentines and any time!

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Top 12 Cookies for a Cookie Exchange!

Oh, hello friends. Can you believe I survived the weekend? Portland had a snowmageddon apocalypse…at least those were the hashtags I was following the last couple days. We had a ton of snow and basica

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Crock Pot Red Hot Applesauce

My cousin didn't remember where she got this recipe but was happy to pass it on to me last winter. She made her's chucky, but I used my electric stick mixer/blender and made mine smooth right in the crock pot.

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Old Fashioned Candy Apples

Signs that Halloween is just around the corner: the local seasonal costume shop's sign goes up, Starbucks brings back it's extremely addicting Pumpkin Spice Latte and Frappuccino, and the caramel and candy apples start appearing at the grocery stores.

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Red Hots Crinkle Cookies

Red Hots Crinkle Cookies. I used to love Red Hots. I don't think there's any way to manipulate this into a "clean eating" recipe. :-(

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Blooming Poinsettia Marshmallows

Recipe with video instructions: Pop these marshmallows into your hot chocolate and watch them bloom into poinsettias! Ingredients: 2 ½ tsp powdered gelatin, 1/3 cup cold water, 1 cup sugar, ¼ cup cold water, red food colouring, ¼ cup corn starch, ¼ cup confectioner’s sugar, Red candy melts, Round candies

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Red Hot Sugar Cookies

Only eight ingredients make up these Red Hot Sugar Cookies! They go great with a glass of milk! More easy cookie recipes:

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Cinnamon Red Hot Popcorn is delicious and easy to make! It's a fun treat for kids, and the kid in all of us!

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