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Red Oak is a beautiful and artistic shade tree with a picturesque rounded shape, and a striking Indian red fall color. It is one of the fastest growing and toughest Oak trees available. Red Oak is native to much of the US, and is always an intelligent choice for this reason. Great for attracting wildlife, the Red Oak is guaranteed to turn heads

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Successfully grow an oak Tree by planting an acorn

Starting an oak tree from an acorn: I've attempted to just plant acorns, like a loser and not realizing there was an art to it. Thank god for squirrels cuz I don't think I'd have ever gotten baby oaks...I'll be attempting this way though.

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How to Start Oak Trees From Acorns

There are four main categories of oak trees including white oak, red oak, burr oak and pin oak. Each type of oak tree grows acorns and sheds them in autumn. Harvesting acorns to start oak trees is the first step in a yearlong process to obtain an oak tree sapling that is ready to transplant into a permanent place in the yard. This process includes...


Shumard oak. Scientific Name: Quercus shumardii. Shumards oak is a pyraminal tree, growing 50-90 ft. and becoming more open at maturity. Bark is thick, smooth and grayish, becoming furrowed and darker gray. The columnar trunk is frequently buttressed at the base. Leaves frequently turning scarlet in the fall, up to 7 inches long. Acorns almost as wide as long, 3/4 to 1 inch long when mature with a broadly rounded apex and a flat base.