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Did you start singing? Give me some sweatpants my superfoods and a pair of my red socks and it's all systems go!!! I think what I love most about working from home is having the freedom to create my own schedule. I remember being so frustrated with my scheduler! One week I'd have an amazing set of hours then the next week I would have as little as zero! It is difficult trying to live off of inconsistency! I am thankful to beachbody for providing me with this wonderful gift of working…

National Geographic Special on PBS. Check out local listings:


That caption I forgot about a while back was gonna be me saying that I’m slowing my posting schedule down to every three days.  I’m hoping to give myself a fairly big buffer zone to cover for when I have surgery this summer. [One image of a twirling young woman (me) with light purple hair that is pulled back into a bun kind of thing.  I am wearing a lacy, bright orange peplum tank top.  (It’s actually a dress but shh.)  Under it, I am wearing a tiered skirt that goes to a bit below my…


I love the Red Sox. Some years they are awesome other years they fall apart but at least they are compelling.